NorthConnex Air Quality Community Consultative Committee

NorthConnex has established the Air Quality Community Consultative Committee (AQCCC) to provide input into the location of air quality monitoring locations and advice on related air quality matters.

The committee was established mid-2017 and will operate for a period of up to two years from the opening of NorthConnex in 2020.

The committee comprises four local community representatives, together with representatives of each local council, Roads and Maritime Services and the tunnel operator, NorthConnex Company Pty Ltd. 

The project has appointed an independent chairperson in consultation with the Department of Planning and Environment.

The selection process to appoint community members was undertaken in accordance with the project’s Conditions of Approval, the Department of Planning and Environment’s Community Consultative Committee Guidelines and the community representative application pack. A probity consultant, and independent chair approved by the Department of Planning and Environment were involved in the selection of community members.

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of AQCCC meetings are published after each meeting. Meeting notes are endorsed by the committee at the next meeting.  

August 2017
October 2017
December 2017
June 2018
October 2018
December 2018
January 2019
May 2019
September 2019


NorthConnex submits reports to the Department of Planning and Environment on the progress of the AQCCC. 

Report 1 – August 2017 to December 2018
    Appendix 1 – Community representative application pack
    Appendix 2 – Minutes of each meeting included above
    Appendix 3 – Meeting attendance summary


As part of the Conditions of Approval for NorthConnex, the project must establish a minimum of six air quality monitors; two near each ventilation outlet, one along Pennant Hills Road and one ambient air quality reference. These monitors must be in operation 12 months before tunnel operation and remain for at least two years after tunnel opening.

NorthConnex established five air monitoring stations within the project corridor in late 2013 to inform the comprehensive air quality assessment carried out for the Environmental Impact Statement and the Submissions and Preferred Infrastructure Report. These stations recorded weather data and ambient background air quality levels as well as air quality near Pennant Hills Road. These stations are no longer required and were removed mid 2015 because future monitoring stations will be established as per the Conditions of Approval and in consultation with the AQCCC.

This is standard practice for tunnel projects.

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